In Tankavaara, you can experience Lapland as its best, experience the life of the old world and dive into the fascinating Finnish and the world’s gold history!

Gold has been mined in Lapland for 150 years. Tankavaara’s  history of growing to a gold village established by the gold miners was long and full of fascinating gold stories in the cache of the Sompio backwoods. The gold rush of Lapland in the 1800s and 1900s and the first gold find in Tankavaara in 1934 are the most fascinating Lapland gold history known in the world.

The arrival to Tankavaara along the E75 road is now easy with both by car and via public transport.

In Tankavaara Gold Village is located the exhibition house Sompio. One of a kind conference and exhibition centre build of materials from the north. The wilderness exhibition combines the nature of Lapland, animals and art.  There is also a small cafe in the exhibition house.

The international Museum of the gold history makes Tankavaara a unique destination.

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