See & Explore

European Gold Panning Championships and following the Gold Competition are in itself a memorable and exciting experiences. However, in Tankavaara, there is much to see and experience for all the guests outside the competition too!

European Gold Panning Championships the program will be refined later.

And even if you do not participate in the competitions, Tankavaara offers experiences for the whole family. Discover the Tankavaara Gold Museum nearby, where you can dive into the fascinating history of gold in Finland and the world-wide Golden World Exhibition. What is your gold experience?

Tankavaara is located right on the border of Urho Kekkonen National Park and its own nature trails are like a miniature national park. Experience the enchantment of the true Lapland, do a campfire while watching the Siberian jays and see the Nattanen fells, for example, at the top of Jorpulipää, the highest peak in Tankavaara (467 m).

Just in the Urho Kekkonen National Parks’ armpit you will also find Sompio Strict Nature Reserve, where hiking is permitted only on a marked trail. In the vicinity of the Tankavaara, some nice day trip spots are the famous Pyhä-Nattanen fell and Tankajoki river. Climb to Nattaset fells and you know why the place is on the list of the most instagrammable places in Lapland! More information on these destinations at Tankavaara Gold Village.

Experience Sompio’s nature with care-free hiking or discover activities from other Sompio services and places to visit! On your way to Sompio you might also see  reindeer!

You can also explore the history of the living backwoods through the most famous locals.