Visit Sodankylä

Sodankylä includes dozens of small villages, vast wildernesses and great places to visit for nature-lovers, culturally, artistically and historically interested travellers.

Sodankylä is located about 120 km north of the Arctic Circle along the E 75 highway. Sodankylä is Finland’s second largest municipality in surface area and has about 8500 inhabitants. Sodankylä has a cold winter and the Northern lights, and for the opposite there are the nightless summer nights until mid-July. After that, it’s still brighter than the southernmost part of Finland. Light allows you to experience the nature with newer ways. Ride, fish, photograph the midnight sun or choose your favorite activity; Sodankylä summer offers the best deals for you!


Right in the center of Sodankylä you will find easy day trips, such as the Sodankylä Local History Museum, whose main building has been rescued from the village of Riesto that was left under the water because of the Lokka reservoir was build. You can also get to know the life in the old days in the show of Andreas Alariesto, one of Finland’s most famous primitive artists. Alariesto once worked as a caretaker at the Vuotso Lodge, near the Tankavaara Gold Village. On the shores of the beautiful Lake Kitinen, it is worth deviating in the Sodankylä Old Church next to the burial ground, one of the oldest wooden churches in Finland.

In addition to gold, find the amethyst souvenir to take home with you; a visit to the fell landscape of Luosto and Lampivaara amethyst mine is a great experience. For lovers of art, the Kakslauttanen is an unexpected surprise in the middle of the forest.

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