Sompio – A Living Backwoods

Feel nature as it was meant to be in the forests of Lapland, far from busy tourist destinations.

Sompio is located in Lapland, Finland. Sompio is not a well defined area but covers vast wildernesses in eastern and north-eastern Lapland. The largest villages in the vast wilderness area are Lokka and the southernmost Sámi village in Finland, Vuotso (Vuohčču in Sámi language). Despite its remote location, Sompio is easy to reach.

Sompio’s name is mentioned in the old books of Lapland. The name on Sompio was brought up by the collector of folklore, Samuli Paulaharju (1875-1944).

Sompio Lapland was, as Paulaharhu said “the most of what I’ve been looking in the wilderness”, it had been in a world where there is still untouched authenticity between nature and man. (Source: Marjut Harju, Ruijanrannan reppuherra, SKS 1989) The same authenticity and the preservation of the natural environment still characterizes Sompio.

Discover the unique Sompio area and experience your Sompio!

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